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Storm Servis

Lightning conductors

Assembly, inspection and servicing of lightning conductors according to a new decree to ČSN EN 62 305

Work at heights

In addition, we prune trees, repair chimneys, paint facades and provide other special works at height

Services offered by Storm Service

Assembly work of the earthing systems, lightning conductors, active lightning conductors

We provide assembly, inspection and servicing of lightning conductors systems according to a new decree to ČSN EN 62 305. In addition, we perform the assembly and revisions of active lightning conductors.

Implementation measuring of grounding

Measurement of grounding is providing with certified meter. Revisions of lightning conductors

Revisions of lightning conductors

All revisions are done with trained staff and under the new standards CSN EN 62 305.

Other works at heights

Cutting of trees

  • Cutting of damaged trees
  • Logging
  • Risk felling

Repairs of chimneys

  • Immediate repairs of roofs and chimneys of accidents
  • Repairs and exchanges roofing
  • Cleaning of gutters and roofs
  • Repairs of chimneys
  • Demolition of chimneys
  • Exchanges of chimneys

Cleaning windows and glass surfaces, gutters cleaning, roofs and facades

Other demolition work at heights

Repair of joints of prefabricated houses

Protecting buildings against birds - and the network center systems

Assembly and disassembly of advertising banners

Installation of air conditioning systems

Cleaning and repair of skylights


  • Paints of facades
  • Paints plumbing components
  • Protective coating of roofs
  • Painting of metal structures
  • Painting of height structures (chimneys, towers)

Rehabilitation of concrete structures

Removal of icicles and ice from roofs